*** We have exciting news that opens a new chapter for our architectural practice. Michael and the partners at Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc. (BVA), have agreed for BVA to take on board PAPA Inc's projects, staff and resources, with some exceptions, and for Michael to take a position as a Senior Architect at the firm. PAPA Inc projects already under construction will remain with PAPA Inc until their completion. All other projects have become BVA projects, with Michal continuing as the principal in charge and contact point for each client. Michael and Alina now can be reached at BVA at 202-337-7255, mpatrick and adelcastillo [at], and 1000 Potomac St., NW, Suite L-2, Washington DC 20007, with web site This is a unique opportunity for us to continue to grow our practice with the additional support of an award-winning firm that truly excels not only in design but also in a complete commitment to client satisfaction. We hope that you will contact us at our new address for any new work that you are contemplating! ***

At Patrick and Anderson, our people are our greatest resource and the most valuable asset we offer to our clients. From the point of view of the final, completed project, the high quality of our work is only possible because of the high level of talent and continuous commitment to excellence of our directors and staff. On the other hand, the great experience that our clients repeatedly have in working with us is directly related to how approachable, engaged,and informed our people are.

As a small firm, we offer the benefit of a hand-picked and tight-knit crew. Since we all work together in one open office space, we remain current with eachother on multiple aspects of each project. We work together seamlessly to create documentation designed to serve our clients in a way that increases their enjoyment of the process and reduces the possibility of surprises and delays.

We are proud of our staff and look forward to giving you an opportunity to meet and work with each member of our team!

Michael Patrick, Co-founder and President
Please link to Michael's Curriculum Vitae here:
Michael Patrick Architect

Michael co-founded Patrick and Anderson in 2008 with Eric Anderson, with the intent of doing work for clients who care intimately about the details of their projects, and to whom their projects represent an important personal investment. In 2012 Michael became sole owner and director of the firm, and has continued to develop the practice along the lines of these intentions.

As the director of all the firm's activities, Michael has persistently focused on delivering great quality and a great experience for every project and client, with the conviction that the firm will grow naturally and organically upon the recommendations of satisfied clients. Almost all of the firm's work continues to come in the doors through word of mouth alone.

Michael has 24 years of experience, including 6 years as founder and director of Patrick and Anderson Partners in Architecture, and 18 years as practice area leader, design director and designer in charge of significant and award winning architectural projects. As practice area leader, Michael has led the strategic development of the college and university market for a global architectural firm on the east coast of the United States and shared responsibility for the same around the world. As design director, he has directed the design of a number of the larger and more significant projects in each office in which he was employed. In these two roles, he has expressed his core talents of creating award-winning building designs, and developing a design process that puts the client first and the client's needs at the heart of the design effort.

Michael has master planned and designed college and university facilities, commercial campuses and buildings, a hotel and conference center, cultural institutions, airport terminals, healthcare facilities, ecclesiastical structures, a new government center, and single family residential projects among other building types.

With a technology-savvy, detailed design approach, Michael has many times led large and complex client teams through the process of designing and making a building or campus, especially with the aid of three-dimensional design and visualization tools.

Michael is currently licensed in Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland and Vermont, is NCARB Certified, and is a LEED Accredited Professional.

Michael and his wife, Magda, live with their daughter Leila in Alexandria, Virginia.

Eric Anderson, Co-founder and Emeritus Member
Please link to Eric's Resume here:
Eric Anderson Resume

Eric co-founded Patrick and Anderson in 2008 with Michael Patrick, sharing the desire to work on projects with deep personal meaning and the opportunity for high-level design and detailing. In 2012 Eric's interest in sustainable design led to a position with the United States Green Buiding Council, based on work that Eric and Michael did for a number of years to support the USGBC with technical advice related to LEED Certification of buildings and projects around the world. Eric remains a friend of the firm.

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